Why A Soletree Poodle

Choosing a breeder is not easy.  The industry is largely unregulated and with the popularity of the breed comes with increased incidents of puppy mills and unethical breeding practices.  As a conscious dog lover on the search for a perfect puppy to add to your family, we know it is increasingly difficult to find quality poodles and breeders who stand behind their dogs.  

At Soletree Poodles we bring decades of expertise gained through dog ownership and participation in dog sports, the show ring and breeding (working border collies and boxers before poodles).  We have a longstanding relationship with our vets and have taken care of medical emergencies, occasionally requiring specialized care at significant costs.  We spare nothing when caring for our dogs. At Soletree, our animals are our family. Our dogs live on an acreage, in our house and have access to a fenced yard with a heated run into our garage and they sleep in our bedrooms. They received the best care from us in exercise, grooming, training, and nutrition and health care.  Like a fellow dog-lover has said, “If I come back as a dog, let it be to your house”.

We know the significant obstacles dog owners face in trying to find a moyen sized poodle who is calm, trainable, versatile, beautiful and from health tested, well-adjusted parents.  We have been there ourselves and waited for years to find our perfect poodles!  Also, as Canadians, we found it very difficult to find a locally bred poodle that met our criteria, which is why we imported our dogs.  This experience, coupled with our love of the breed and our dogs (and my recent retirement from law enforcement), our family decided to start a small, family-focus breeding program.

Our focus at Soletree Poodles is twofold:

  • Producing calm, moyen-sized poodles of exceptional temperament in a range of beautiful colours from health tested parents who have demonstrated these traits. We know well adjusted, people-focused, well trained dogs produce puppies that have similar aptitudes;  
  • To provide puppy owners not only the puppy (a wonderful baby with unlimited potential) but with the tools needed to reach their goals. Our puppies go home with an online training course which includes short training videos to keep you and your puppy on track.  We are partnered with CamK9 Training Center to include this offering with every puppy purchased from Soletree Poodles because it is important to us to not only produce great puppies, but great dogs.  Investing in your puppy’s training will enhance your relationship with your puppy, helping them fit perfectly into your life.  We know in this day and age, in-person puppy classes are not readily available to everyone and this course bring the trainer to you.

We hope you take a look around our website and learn more about us.  We have included a lot of information about us, our goals and our dogs to demonstrate to you our commitment to the best possible breeding practices and highest breeding standards. At Soletree Poodles, our breeding program started three years before the first breeding.  We sought out the best bloodlines, waited for our puppies, raised them and trained to ensure they were worthy of our vision.  We bike, hike, paddleboard, boat, camp, and canoe with our dogs, they walk with us off-leash, they come when they are called,  they drop what we want from their mouths, they leave our chickens, horses and cats alone…they are logical, thoughtful, loving companions and all these attributes make them the best parents for Soletree Poodles.