Bringing a puppy home is exciting… and a lot of work!  The first 6 months will map the future relationship with your new family member.  We hope to get you off on the right foot by providing a dog training video-based subscription put together by Chris and Kathy, owners of CamK9 Dog Training Center.  

I have worked with many trainers over the years as I trained my border collies for herding trials, nosework and obedience.  However, when I met Chris (Camk9) I knew I wanted to hire her as a  professional dog trainer for Marseille and me.  Marseille was our first poodle and I wanted to make sure we were on track from the beginning.  I bought 5 one-on-one sessions and was thrilled with the program from the first day.  I know a lot about dogs! But, Chris (CamK9) shaped and increased my knowledge, using new and effective means of instruction, resulting in deeper connections. Even as an experienced breeder and dog owner I saw our dogs become even more integrated, calm, well-behaved members of our family. There’s always so much more to learn!  

As an added bonus, the clarity of the program is easily followed by older children and less experienced dog-owners. When I happened upon our teenage son reviewing the short training videos and working with Soletree’s Cocoliqiot to up his training game, I knew the program was accessible and interesting to everyone.  I knew then I wanted to send home all Soletree Poodles with a (virtual) dog trainer.

To us, including the CamK9 online program is a unique and effective further step in demonstrating our commitment to helping fellow dog lovers achieve goals with their Soletree Poodle.  At this time we know of no other breeder investing and including a professional take-home training program. We know you will love and benefit from the training program as much as we do.