The Royal Treatment

Are you are interested in having your puppy stay extra time at Soletree Poodles to learn the basics before transitioning to your home?

No Sleepless night

A crate is included and your puppy will learn to sleep through the night


Your puppy will learn basic manners to get you both off on the right foot

Vet Approved

Second and third vaccinations included, plus dewormer and microchipping to ensure your puppies immunity is all set to start going out in the world with confidence.

The best at what we do...

Soletree Poodles follows the training principles established and taught at CamK9 Dog training.  We are partners in our love of dogs and our commitment to positive, relationship-based training.   The trainers at CamK9 can help you achieve your goals and guide you through any obstacles.  They are professional members in good standing with Dog Trainers Association of Canada and USA and Chris is an adjudicator for Therapy Dogs certification.  Their decades of experience have well established them as sought-after dog trainers and Soletree Poodles is delighted to have them as supporters and trainers of our dogs.  

The Royal Treatment includes access to CamK9’s online course so you can continue with your puppies education in the comfort of your home, with a professional trainer at your (virtual) side.  Royal Treatment puppies are also assessed by Chris, the Top Trainer and Owner at CamK9, giving you more insight into your puppy’s personality.  

The Royal Treatment Program includes your puppy staying an extra one or two months with Soletree Poodles for extra training. During this time the following skills and opportunities will be afforded to your puppy:


Let us handle making the vet appoints for 12 and 16 week vaccinations, ensuring you puppies immunity is fully developed before they go home


Your puppy will learn to sit, great people calmly, accept the leash and collar, and will be well on its way to walking on a loose leash, knowing its name and coming when called


Your puppy will be introduced to cats, other dogs, chicken and horses and sheep, as well as children and other people. You puppy will also be taken into stores and car rides.


Your puppy will never be alone for extended periods, play time and outside time will be supervised


We will ensure your puppies first exposure to the vet's office and grooming tools are a positive experience, setting your puppy up for success for its whole life


Housebreaking takes a lot of time and consistency. Accidents can really set your puppy back. Lets us manage the most stressful time for you, your puppy will be close to completely house broken

The Royal Treatment includes the following:

  • Boarding for the duration, in home ($25 per day value)
  • Crate to take home with you ($70 value)
  • Regular visits to offices, retail stores and parks
  • Full-time supervision
  • Training every day for multiple short sessions
  • All up to date vaccinations, deworming, and health checks and microchipping by a veterinarian (12-week booster vaccines, and 16weeks booster vaccines, $250 per vet visit approximate value)
  • Puppy package including toys, blanket, collar and starter food pack 
  • CamK9 Online training program to continue training at home ($99 value)
  • Weekly report card / video to see your puppy progress during training (priceless)

One Month Training (Puppy goes home at 12 weeks)


Two Months Training (Puppy goes home at 16 weeks)