Stud Services

Soletree's Soleil

Also known as Watson to those who love him (everyone).  He is a gentle, loving dog, up for long hikes or lying by the fire for hours.  He is calm, tender and hates to do anything wrong.  We has been the star of every obedience class he has taken and his professional groomers love his easy-going style, not to mention his superior lush-brown coat.

Watson was imported from Grace Kennel in the USA.  He is the result of an intervariety breeding (a tall mini poodle and small standard poodle) and championship lines.  He is brown, brindle pointed phantom who carries for parti.  He is health tested, colour tested and will be OFA certified when of age.  His parents both have been tested OFA.  

  • AKC registered
  • A brown, brindle pointed moyen sized poodle
  • 17 inches and 22 pounds 
  • Will be offered for stud services in late 2022
  • Full Health testing 
  • Lives in Calgary, AB
  • Depending on what the female carries, Watson can produce parti, tri, phantom, brown, black, brindle, blue, cafe and possibly sable. No white/cream/red/silver

Stud Service Fee and How It Works....

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