Puppy News

Planning Has Begun.

Marseille sitting on pathway

Both parents have been health tested clear, see the results under our Our Dogs page. The puppies from this litter will mature in the 17-19 inch range and weigh between 20-28 pounds.  The perfect go-anywhere, do-anything size.

 If you are interested in one of our puppies please see the process below under “Next Steps” to get on our waitlist. 

Our puppies are born in our home and lovingly raised in an active household using our Puppy Enrichment program and Early Neurological Stimulation.  This method exposes our puppies to a variety of sounds, smells and experiences to build their confidence and puts them on the path to growing into well-adjusted, calm, curious, confident adults.  

At Soletree Poodles, we spare nothing when it comes to our dogs and their puppies.  Together with our community partners; the vets at Riverside Small Animal Hospital, the trainers at CamK9 Dog Training Center and our wide community of dog lovers, we are a small breeding operation you can trust.  Only the best, unforgettable poodles.

Interested in your very own Soletree Poodle?

  • Fill out our questionnaire (see Puppy Application button below)
  • Once approved, and once pregnancy is confirmed, you will be contacted to inquire if you would like to make a deposit (500).   Deposits will secure a spot on the list.  We will only accept deposits from 6 initially, (or more if confirmed through vet diagnostics) but feel free to request your name be added to the waitlist
  • Soletree reserves the right to keep a puppy of our choosing from any litter 
  • Please see our prices page for info on costs
  • Learn about our Royal Treatment and be in touch if this program is of interest to you 
  • In BC, Canada it is illegal to alter dogs for cosmetic reasons.  Soletree Poodles are sold with natural dewclaws and tails.

Deposit Policy

Deposits are used to confirm your commitment to receiving a Soletree Poodle (500)  

Deposits are Non-Refundable.

We encourage you to only make a deposit if you are 100% committed. 

The only time Soletree Poodles will refund a deposit is if the litter does not produce a puppy for you.  

If the litter does not produce the gender or colour you prefer, you have the option of rolling your deposit forward to our next litter, once. Refunds are not provided based on colour or gender for pet homes.

Puppy pick order is determined by deposit order received.  We will help you pick your puppy based on: your preferences, puppy personalities, your goals and our knowledge. Puppy pick begins when puppies are 5 weeks old. 

Marseille + Soliel's Winter 2021 Litter

  1. Joanna – Ottawa, Ont (male)
  2. Dan – Kelowna    (female)
  3. Tanya – Rocky Mountain House, AB (female)
  4.  Christi – Texas, USA (male)
  5.  Susan – Sun Peaks (female)
  6.  Jane –   North Vancouver  (either)
  7. Marilyn –  Chilliwack  (female)
  8. Brennan –  Tsawwassen   (either)
  9. Don – Sidney, BC (female)
  10. Sandy – Port Alberni  (either)
  11. Ben – Lethbridge (either)