Our Dogs - Unforgettable Soletree Poodles

Soletree's Marseille

Marseille was imported from the USA from Laurel Hills Moyen Poodles and was the pick of the litter. She is all we dreamed of for the foundation of Soletree Poodles.  She has never met a stranger, she loves all kids especially, and is a gentle soul.  She is quiet and independent but is up for any adventure.  She prefers people to other dogs and pays no mind to our sheep and chickens.  She has a good prey drive but has been easily trained to “leave it”, as her passion is to please her people and get it right.  She has made dog training an absolute joy, the only challenge is trying to think of new things to teach her as she learns so fast. She excels in nose work and is working towards therapy dog certification.

  • Size: 19 inches and weighs 29 pounds. 
  • Colour: brindled, tuxedo, parti, AKC registered purebred poodle, CKC pending (puppies will be CKC registered) 
  • Health tested clear of genetic diseases (Poodle Panel by Paw Print Genetics, results below)
  • Colour Genetics: EE, BB, Kbr/Kbr, Ay/Ay, sp,sp
  • OFA results normal. Click here to go to OFA results
Marseille sitting on pathway

Soletree's Cocoliquot

 Cocoliquot (French for Poppy) is the future of Soltree Poodles, we have high hopes for this stunning girl.  She was imported from GoodeLife Poodles in the USA and is busy growing up and is in training to be a fantastic, all-around family dog.  She comes from Championship, European lines and her conformation and movement is beautiful.  She is brave and confident, meeting every new experience with curiosity and enthusiasm.  She is the star of her obedience class where everyone marvels at her ability to get to work joyfully when it’s her turn, and then her immediate shut-off when she’s done.   She loves a shopping trip to Chapters, Winners or Home Deport where she always makes friends with everyone, impresses with her polite manners and has an immediate fan following. Cocoliquot has been trained in scent work and is currently training in agility. 

  • Size: 22 inches, 40  pounds
  • Colour: Brown and White Parti, purebred AKC and CKC registered poodle.  
  • Health tested clear by parentage 
  • Colour Genetics: E/E, b/b, _/Ky, _/at, sp/sp (confirmation pending) 
  • OFA pending,  parents are OFA certified 

Soletree's Soleil "Watson"

Around the house, we call Soletree’s Soleil ‘Watson’.  There’s no doubt about it, he is a ray of sunshine, but Andrea liked the sound of Watson, too.  A nod to Sherlock Holme’s sidekick, if you will, which is quite fitting given Watson has become her constant, faithful companion.  Soleil / Watson is destined to be our foundation stud dog.  We imported him from Grace Kennel in the USA.  His lineage includes champion lines and although he will be tested as he ages to confirm, we know he is health clear by parentage (meaning his parents were both health tested and negative for hereditary genetic disorders, so we know he will be).  He is a calm boy, always up for a training session or a walk, but he loves to curl up on his bed in the sun in-between.  He’s confident, independent and loves a goofy play session with the kids. He is a regular at hockey rinks and soccer fields around Calgary where everyone falls in love with him.  He is stunning, unforgettable and everyone wants to take him home with them.  

Watson has a fantastic coat, very dense and lush, yet goes for days without getting tangled or matted.  He is regularly professionally groomed and his poodle-loving groomers remark he has the nicest coat they have ever worked on. 

  • Size:  18 inches, 24 pounds
  • Colour: Brown phantom with brindled points, purebred AKC and CKC registered poodle.  
  • Health cleared ‘Poodle Panel’ by Paw Print Genetics
  • Colour Genetics: E/e, b/b, Kbr/ky, at/at, S/sp
  • OFA pending,  parents are OFA certified.

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