Bringing Home Your Soletree Puppy

Congratulations on your Soletree Puppy!  Your puppy has been planned,  intentionally created and raised to have unlimited potential.  But, raising a puppy is a lot of work.  The first year will be filled with challenges and rewards while you grow the partnership you will enjoy for the life of your pet.  

Here are some tips and ideas to help the transition into your home go smoothly.

Your Puppy Will Come With

Before Arrival, To Purchase

Before Arrival, To Do

House Breaking Tips

The First Weeks

Puppy Excersie

Puppies have a lot of energy (more than adult dogs) but it is important to note that it comes on quick and burns up just as fast.  Puppies also sleep A LOT! 

Puppies can not go on long walks.  Their little growing bodies are suited for fast spurts and long sleeps.  A general guideline is 5 minutes of walking per month…so a 3 month old puppy should be able to comfortably walk for 15 minutes.  Stamina will grow as they do.  Please be mindful not to over-exert your puppy, keeping in mind their age, stage, and the outside temperature when planning activity.