About Us

Where dogs are cherished...

Nestled on 20 acres in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada, you will find Soletree Ranch.  We are a family of five and together with my sister’s family, we raise Soletree Poodles. 

We have been dog enthusiasts our whole lives and have owned, trained, bred and loved many a breed.  From the conformation show ring to sheep herding trials, to hunting for game birds, to obedience, nose work and therapy training…to hiking and biking, and paddleboarding… lets just say we love dogs and taking them with us through life’s adventures.  

We got our first poodle after our last boxer passed away.  We didn’t know many poodles and I had done a lot of research in preparation.  We were a bit hesitant around the grooming idea and Tim had this notion that poodles weren’t hardy.  Could they keep up and fold into our busy life on our small ranch, he wondered? He was surprised to learn poodles are an ancient breed and one of the most popular dogs in the world for good reason; they are hardy, even-tempered, trainable and very athletic.  They are not only the jewel-crusted collared, foo-foo dogs (unless you want them to be!), they are versatile and interested in whatever you throw at them. 

After we got our beloved Marseille it wasn’t long before we were asking each other “where has this breed been all our lives?!”  We were smitten and soon fully devoted to this amazing breed.  Having recently retired from the Federal Government, I had time and energy to devote to this poodle passion. As Soletree’s Marseille’s training progressed and we continued to be amazed at her almost-human personality, we began to consider re-entering the world of breeding. Years ago we had bred our Boxers after achieving their CKC championship, and since then we had bred and raised Quarter horses and a few border collies. 

 The idea of Soletree Poodles was born, and three years of planning began in preparation for our first litter. Health testing followed, then another poodle (Soletree’s Soleil “Watson”, and our foundation sire) followed by Soletree’s Cocoliquot.  In fact, we have set out to provide you with just what we were looking for years ago: a versatile, athletic, family pet that is calm, trainable, and up for any sport or hobby you are interested in pursuing. 

Soletree Poodles is a family affair, our teenage children and extended family pitch in all the time to help raise our well-adjusted, beautiful, unforgettable poodles.


Andrea is the mom to our breeding program’s sire: Soletree’s Soleil, known around the family as Watson.  Andrea has an enduring love of all dogs, but as she says, there’s nothing like a poodle!  She lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, where Watson is her faithful companion.  Watson loves following his family anywhere and can often be spotted on Calgary soccer fields or hockey arenas where he hangs with the crowd and watches his family compete.


I suppose it goes without saying we are all dog lovers around here, and Tim is no exception.  At any time, you will find him walking the dogs daily, covered with them on the couch,  or in his truck.  Perhaps, just as likely, with the dogs lined up at his feet, waiting patiently for the crusts of his morning toast, or following him around during farm chores.  Tim is patient and loving and always up for whatever the dogs need.


Jody is the heart of our dog’s training and you will find her working with the dogs or helping others achieve their goals.  She has decades of experience training, rearing and breeding dogs and horses and loves talking about and sharing her love of animals. She is also the one you will likely be talking to on the phone or over email.   Jody self-grooms the dogs, enjoying quality time at the grooming table, listening to audiobooks or podcasts as the dogs are made to look their best.  

The Willing Team

Our puppy socializing team extraordinaire.

Don't worry puppy

"Stay where you're at and I'll come where you're to"


"I'll never be without a poodle"

A Day in the Life..

Don't you just love a family dog walk? It's made most enjoyable when the dogs have great recall and can be trusted to come back on- command during their regular off-leash walks. Here we have our two retired working dogs, masterfully trained, out with their pal, Soletree's Marseille.

It's hard to know who's more excited, Luca or baby Watson (Soletree's Soleil)

No one is ever far from a dog in our home, they are an integral part of our family.

"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole" - Roger Caras