Soletree Poodles

Moyen and Small Standard Poodles, bred by our family, for yours...

Soletree Poodles

Moyen and Small Standard Poodles, bred by our family, for yours

Moyen and Small Standard Poodles are our passion, and it would appear we are in good company! In fact, poodles are one of the most popular breeds in the world, and for good reason. Beauty, brains, versatility, calm temperament…however, all the goodness can encourage unethical breeding practices.  When you make the life long commitment of dog ownership, you need to know your breeder has taken as much interest in your success as you have.  At Soletree Poodles we believe the best chance of finding your once-in-a-lifetime poodle starts with sound breeding practices and the best possible start to life…

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Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Marseille and Soleil are expecting puppies May 2021..  We expect brindle and sable in both solid and parti, moyen-sized CKC registered purebred poodle puppies. See our Puppy News Page to learn more.

We can help arrange for your puppy to be delivered within Canada at this time.  Given the current pandemic, options may be limited, but we will do our best to accommodate your needs.  Please contact us to discuss further.  Additional fees would apply and the health and safety of our puppies is paramount, we won’t ship puppies in cargo on flights, only in-cabin.  

Deposits will be taken once the pregnancy is confirmed.  The order of deposits received will make up the order of who picks first, second, third etc.  Puppy questionnaire approval required before the deposit will be accepted.  

Your $500.00 deposit establishes your place in line to pick your puppy when the time comes. We will help you decide based on your preferences and goals when the pups are about 4-5 weeks old.

Deposits are  non-refundable.  

The only time we will refund a deposit is if the litter does not produce a puppy for you.

If the litter does not produce your preferred gender or colour, or your circumstances change, your deposit is transferable to the next litter, once.

All our puppies are of excellent quality. We do not refund deposits based on gender or colour (exceptions may be arranged for show or breeder homes, only in advance, please contact me to discuss).  


We will hold back a maximum of one puppy per litter for the Royal Treatment.  Is that Royal Treatment for you or your puppy? Probably both!  Your pup will stay for an extra month or two and learn the basics before transitioning to your home.  No sleepless nights in your future…Click on Royal Treatment to learn more.

See our Price page for costs, services and what’s included. 

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